Our CIOs with vast experience will oversee programs under our contracts
Our growth strategy powers government agencies towards higher efficiency
Learn how our clients are benefiting from our optimization efforts
We power our clients with thought leadership drawing from our vast commercial clients
Our data analytics solution integrates social media, agency data and external public sources > powerful insights
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Federal, State and local government IT optimization

2M has been a federal contractor over a decade having executed over 50 contracts on IT management, optimization, security and data analytics. On the commercial side 2M provides IT strategy and CIO  and CFO services to midsize market enabling our clients to improve optimization, boost growth and stay compliant. 

We support our partners and agencies in their mission. We bring strategic visionary discipline and program management to enhance our client's experience.

For years our team of CIOs and CFOs have been opening the minds of executives in commercial sectors to the possibilities made real by leveraged IT. From round table discussions and dynamic workshop sessions to thought leadership blogs, we are often sought out to gain insight on how IT plays a role in optimizing business processes.

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