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Offshore Services

2M-India is a wholly owned subsidiary of 2M Associates USA - a 14 year old firm specializing in outsourcing solutions across several vertical market segments. 2M-India was established to extend the highly advanced technical and


professional resources across the global market using our global delivery scheme. 2M achieves global delivery of high quality solutions by combining its own state of the art facility and resources with some of the well qualified powerhouses in various market segments.
Management and Logistics   Technology   business process outsourcing

We offer business process outsourcing and logistic solutions to our clients by integrating process, domain and people management expertise. At 2M we have built our organization around managing risk for our clients through a scalable, cost-effective and predictable delivery mechanism.

Predictable, but with a few pleasant surprises.. >>more







Industries in the developed economy are looking at offshore outsourcing as one way to make human resources more efficient and effective while operating at a lower expense. This impetus to offshore model has taken a rapid turn to global delivery models and offers extended benefits to the customer. The Global Delivery Model landscape is continually shifting and changing the economics and quality of delivery allowing companies to flex their muscle and display a higher level of performance. >> more






BPO has taken a new shift and offers significant opportunities for organizations to raise their level of performance. Imagine a bio-tech firm with an office in India - with a laboratory fully equipped and staffed with highly talented doctors and engineers in India. The satellite office conducts research, processes data and supports the overall organizations mission and objectives. That is performance enhancement! The impetus to the surge of BPO in India is no longer a cost cutting strategy, but it is “Elevating Performance”. >> more






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