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Amid rapidly changing technologies, organizations around the globe have implemented systems to support various business processes. Over the years these systems have taken different form and shape introducing complexity and spreading information across platforms.

Our business intelligence practice aims to provide seamless integration of multi-products to provide an accurate view of the customer and improve organization efficiencies. The need to have quick and accurate insight into sales trends and supply chain efficiency to rapidly modify pricing and promotion strategies is paramount.

Banks are often challenged in understanding the “channel utilization” in their demand chain. Our data model allows banks to implement an integrated solution to dissect their channels by location, demographics etc. For instance if your customers live in one suburb and work in another where do they do their banking? Is one location under utilized? What are my under performing segments? A similar set of complex requirements exists pertaining to HUD and lending institutions. HUD conducts audits of lenders, agencies and other third parties that support its mission. It is imperative that HUD would like to establish business intelligence to gain deeper understanding of cost and performance of lenders, Housing agencies etc. Our solutions are deeply rooted with proper tools and techniques to deliver the most optimal solutions.

2M-FinancialBizPro is the ideal choice for Banks. This is a pure value added solution to improve profitability and manage costs.

Hospitals are delivering various services to clients at central and satellite offices incurring distribution cost and often look for answers. How is my patient dimension? What are the profitable locations and under performing locations? What are the cost dimensions – Surgery, consulting, drugs etc. HealthBizPro is a cutting edge proven data model that will integrate with your systems to produce a sophisticated intelligence tool.

Insurance companies are constantly looking for ways to manage underwriting cost and loss ratios. 2M-InsBizPro can be used to measure and analyze underwriting profitability. Our model extracts critical information across multiple systems and policy records to assist in executive decisions. Can I increase premiums to these under performing segments? DO these clients have excessive traffic violations and claims? InsBizPro can help you answer these questions.


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