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The insurance and Finance industry has tremendous advantage in using the offshore – global delivery model for a variety of internal business processes. A number of banks and insurance companies have set up offshore centers for customer relationship management, mortgage underwriting, back office, cross sales, and product development.

Financial firms can deliver an array of services through the offshore center at a rapid pace improving the overall performance across the organization.

As the landscape in the insurance, banking, financial services industries continues to change at rapid pace, players are having to gear up to meet new challenges that will help them remain competitive. Organizations in this highly competitive and increasingly regulated industry will especially need to focus on making themselves more:

  • Operationally efficient
  • Customer-centric
  • Implementing superior risk identification and management.
Successfully making this transition will almost always call for changes to existing structures, processes, cultures/organizational mindsets and of course, technologies and their patterns of use. We have a multi-dimensional but balanced solution approach that pays as much attention to your business architecture as it does to your IT architecture, so that solutions and services are optimized for your unique business and technology.

2M brings together business consulting and problem diagnosis skills, pre-defined solution stacks, domain knowledge, technology capabilities and its Global Delivery Model to offer the industry-benchmark.

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