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business process outsourcing and logistic

Our clients (in the US and Europe) need a strong partner with the domain expertise, resources, and proven solutions to help navigate a dynamic business environment. 2M brings its expertise to bear around the domain areas it knows and understands best - Banking, Securities & Brokerage, Insurance, Telecom, Enterprise Services - Finance & Accounting, HR Services, Knowledge Services and Healthcare. We further combine our in-house expertise with the solid technology foundation of our partners (15 in numbers across several domains) to bring value to our clients on a consistent basis. Our clients use this powerful combination to help them:

  • Minimize capital outlay while still benefiting from best in practice process management skills
  • Logistics of end-to-end facilitation of moving to offshore
  • Improve profitability and productivity through operational efficiencies and focus on meeting customer needs
  • Expand volumes, markets and product offerings
  • Assist clients in gaining access to new markets in an offshore environment
Our objective is to enable our customers move up the value chain by providing them the benefits of outsourcing while effectively managing and mitigating risks associated with off-shoring based on our experience and process management skills.

With our broad base experience in USA and in India 2M is a ideal partner for our clients to charter in to unknown territories – political, economic and business environments!

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