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PublishPerfect is an automated, Internet based directory publishing hub that facilitates communications between advertisers and their Certified Marketing Representatives. By creating a single, electronic repository for directory data management, PublishPerfect increases listing accuracy and reduces costs for Certified Marketing Representatives and their customers.

In any large organization, the management of directory entries is difficult and time consuming; few companies have an effective or efficient system in place to manage their directory advertising. The cumbersome and often paper-based processes that most advertisers currently use also places a burden on other directory publishing partners: Certified Marketing Representatives and directory publishers. The PublishPerfect system streamlines this process – saving time and money for advertisers, CMR’s and publishers.

Easy to Access – PublishPerfect is accessible through any computer with an Internet connection, eliminating “personal” systems that reside on one person’s PC. With a user name and password, directory managers can access, manage, edit and add to their listings.

Automatic Reporting – PublishPerfect automatically creates all of the reports, requests and letters needed by managers, agencies and publishers. Reports can be sent via email or XML—instantly eliminating much of the time and cost spent dealing with directory change orders. This results in a huge cost savings for both you and your advertisers.

Continually Updated – Given the large number of directories and directory providers, there is continuous change to important information like coverage areas and close dates. PublishPerfect is constantly updated to reflect the most up to date and accurate information available.

Safe and Reliable – All data is managed by experienced database administrators and backed up each night. Information is stored on redundant, secure servers to ensure uninterrupted access. All data is kept strictly confidential and secure—it cannot be accessed without the proper company ID, username and password.

PublishPerfect uses the Internet to create a directory management system that is accessible, automated, current and reliable. Contact us today to find out how you can cut costs and provide additional value to your customers by streamlining your customers’ directory publishing processes.

Integrating PublishPerfect into your agency just takes a few simple steps:

  • First, we will create a customized web interface specifically for your Agency, featuring your logo and company colors.
  • Second, we will help you integrate the electronic data transfer features into your existing systems
  • Third, we will work with you to create a roll out schedule for your clients and assist you to load your clients’ data into PublishPerfect
  • Fourth, we will handle all client training and technical support on the PublishPerfect system

All of the information needed for each directory entry can be stored on PublishPerfect, including Office/Location address, phone number, contact information, as well as custom information as requested by the client. Office/Location records list the directories for which there are listings, as well as any other potential directories that the Office/Location could be listed in but is not. Using any standard web browser, records can be viewed, added, deleted, edited and printed.

When a new Office/Location is added or an existing Office/Location address is changed, the system automatically prompts the user to select directory listings based on the directories available in the area.

Each day, the system searches the database for upcoming directory close dates and automatically creates required documentation to be sent to all appropriate parties. These documents can be sent via US Mail, email and/or XML electronic transfer. Documentation is created based on timelines set by clients and agencies.

After these documents are sent, if any changes are made to the directories within four weeks of the close date, the changes are automatically marked as revised document changes and sent out.

For more information please Download Brochure.

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